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What Kid President Can Teach All Brands About Messaging

Julianne Kim January 16, 2018
You’re a business or brand with a purpose, a message, and products to sell. But it’s one thing to have a message and a completely different thing to figure out your messaging  

If you don’t have marketing experience, you might feel like throwing your hands in the air and proclaiming: “I’m just not good at this!” We completely understand, but we promise that you have the power and talent to write your own, amazing messaging. 

This brings us to Kid President. Ever heard of him? The sweet and hilarious 9-year-old has 2 million subscribers on YouTube, has given a TED talk and lives by the motto “treat everybody like it's their birthday.”

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Our Remote Work Tool Kit: 4 Ways We Fight Digital Nomad Isolation

Julianne Kim January 2, 2018

Remote work has a lot of perks. Our daily commute is usually just a few steps, we haven't experienced rush hour traffic in years, and on days when we just don't feel like getting out of our pajamas, well, that's okay.

But with all the perks, it can feel isolating at times. We don't have funny ugly sweater competitions at Christmas, office potlucks or even the casual "good morning!" greeting to our teammates when we walk in the door.

To combat the all-too-easy habit of isolating ourselves, we believe in investing in tools that keep our team connected. Here are our favorites:

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You're Creative (Even When You Don't Feel Like It)

Julianne Kim December 8, 2017

Have you ever sat at your desk, trying to force yourself to think creatively, and your mind was coming up with nothing?

Yeah, me too.

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Living in the Middle: Creative Content That Converts

Julianne Kim December 1, 2017

I’ve always lived in the middle.

In my writing courses at college, I felt more business-minded and bottom-line driven then my creative and artistic classmates. In business courses, I felt way too creative for the black-and-white world of numbers and data. I thought the middle was a bad place to be. I thought the middle meant that I had no real speciality. Thankfully, as I’ve refined my passion and skill for content marketing, I’ve learned this: Living in the middle is my greatest strength.

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